Cursor-based Pagination with Make and

Today we’ll be using Make (formerly Integromat) in conjunction with to demonstrate the powers of cursor-based pagination! When dealing with APIs for data retrieval, efficiently managing large datasets is crucial. Cursor-based […]

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Make 303 Class Welcome to Make 303, where we get into more advance concepts, such as creating webhooks that listen for a request, mapping to make our coding more dynamic by applying […]

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Make 202 Class Welcome to Make 202, where we dive deeper into a sample scenario, and start to explore the different templates and data formatting with an array of tools. In this […]

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Make 101 Class Welcome to Make 101, your gateway to the world of DIY no-code integration and automation. Anyone can use Make to design powerful workflows without relying on developer resources. This […]

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Getting Started with

What is is an automation platform that allows you to create custom workflows and integrate various apps and services to automate repetitive tasks. With its user-friendly interface, and a wide […]

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