Who We Are

Formerly a monday.com customer;
currently their partner.

AXANEXA was founded in 2022 by John Hu, our President, and officially established in 2023. Based in Chicago, we are a Gold Partner to monday.com and support our customers with their monday.com instances.

We are an innovator of integration, and automation, of complex workflows and process chains. These skills are the backbone of our mission – ensuring our clients know that they can automate x anything.


Our Mission

Lead the charge into the next evolution of business automation.

Our Mission is to help our customers revolutionize their business through monday.com. We’re monday.com partners who are ready to tackle complex deployments. We’ll help you integrate any application, automate any process, and create workflows that will free your business to scale.


The values that make us unique


Ensuring ourselves and our customers are better tomorrow than today by promoting the value of automating anything.


Approach every problem with “can I automate this” and be ambitious in adopting technology where applicable.


Active listening; and hearing what is meant vs. what is said. Ability to identify and validate the real problem, instead of the stated problem, regardless of the customer’s vocabulary.


Moving quickly, easily, and purposefully regardless of the path that lies ahead or the hurdles to overcome. The Cost to Change is Zero.

Any X

Problems are not limited to the stated scope. Answers could be anywhere or anything. Be the variable in any situation, in any space, in any solution. Become Limitless.