Welcome to the limitless world of monday.com! You’ve embarked on a journey into a realm of limitless possibilities and unparalleled organization. You may have already started tinkering with the system, creating boards, and are beginning to grasp its amazing capabilities.

As you navigate this powerful system, you may have encountered some limitations along the way. Don’t worry, we understand the excitement and frustrations that come with exploring new software. And as a trusted monday.com partner, we are here to help you get the most out of your instance, and set you and your team up for success!

In this blog series, we’ll challenge you to think differently about monday. By the end, you’ll realize that the only limits to what you can achieve with monday are your own imagination. The key thing to take away, will be an overview of what is possible, and how to start thinking about it in terms of your own case use.

Monday Native – The Out-of-the-Box Effect

Let’s begin with the raw power of monday in its native state. In its most basic form of work OS, monday delivers on the ability to fully transform your organization. It’s based on 5 main principals:

1. Streamlined Workflows: One of the primary advantages of monday is its ability to streamline workflows. Through its intuitive and visual dashboard, teams can easily manage and track their projects, tasks, and deadlines. No more messy email threads, forgotten files, and missed deadlines.

2. Customization and Flexibility: Another key advantage of monday is its customization and flexibility. With hundreds of customizable templates to choose from, teams can tailor their work OS to their specific needs and preferences.

3. Centralized Information and Knowledge Management: With monday teams can centralize their information and knowledge management. No more searching for information across different platforms or tools.

4. Data-Driven Insights and Analytics: monday provides powerful insights and analytics to help teams make data-driven decisions. With real-time dashboards and reports, teams can visualize their progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows. Moreover, monday allows teams to set KPIs and track their performance against them, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement.

5. Scalability and Growth: Perhaps one of the most compelling features of monday is its scalability and growth potential. As organizations grow and evolve, monday can adapt and scale accordingly.

Monday native is already streamlining 50 to 60 percent of your daily tasks, inspiring you to ponder the potential for automation, integration, and custom dashboards to elevate your workflow. However, we’re thrilled to share that the remaining 40-50% of what may have seemed impossible can, in fact, be accomplished!

But how do you do all that? And where do you begin?

To quote Boromir from LOTR, “One does not simply go alone.” Indeed, you will require the support of your team and the buy-in of your leadership to initiate the process of change management effectively. The more individuals you can involve on the platform, the stronger your foundation for success will be.

Start by visualizing:

  1. Defining Team Engagement: Consider how you envision your team interacting with the platform and the specific objectives you intend to achieve.
  2. Workflow Documentation: Set aside time to comprehensively document your existing workflow.
  3. Data Sources: Think about the origins of incoming data for your projects or tasks.
  4. Identifying Departmental Handoffs: Pinpoint moments in your workflow that involve transitions between different departments.
  5. Approval Processes: Identify and outline the approval procedures within your workflow.
  6. External Platform Integration: Recognize tasks that require the use of external platforms and document how they are integrated.
  7. Information Sharing: Evaluate how information is shared across your organization.

This collaborative approach will serve as the cornerstone for developing a scalable and customized use case.

In our forthcoming blog posts, we’ll delve deeply into topics such as board structure, automations, integrations, and apps, offering comprehensive insights to unveil the wealth of possibilities they hold. The AXANEXA team is committed to guiding you through this journey of tailoring your monday instances to your unique use case, facilitating team adoption, and assisting you with any challenges that may arise along the way. We’re here to support you every step of the journey.

Next Up: In our upcoming installment, we’ll explore the concept of defining a board structure and how it can effectively address business challenges like resource management or sales tracking. Click here to delve into the details.

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About the author:

Carrie Fifield from the AXANEXA Business Development team, a passionate monday.com enthusiast eager to explore new use cases and take on challenges. Connect with Carrie at cfifield@axanexa.com to unlock the full potential of monday.com for your business!